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Performance Plus Converters

Racing torque converters, Towing and RV converters
High stall and Low stall converters

Custom built converters available!

Super Hauler
Super Hauler is a Heavy-duty furnace brazed torque converter of 12" or 13" depending on the application. The converter will contain thrust bearings in all major load areas to add durability and longevity to the unit in applications including Towing, Hauling, Snow Plows, Motor Homes and other Recreational vehicles. Stall speed: 1400-1600 RPM
Street Intruder
Street Intruder is a torque converter with a mild increase of 400 to 500 RPM over stock stall speeds.
This increase will be best suited to Street-Rods and other Show and Go type vehicles. Expected stall range: 1800-2050 RPM
Pro-Street Intruder
Pro-Street Intruder is a High-Performance torque converter of the 11" size with an expected stall speed of 2300-2800 RPM. The stall speed of this converter will be suitable for street as well as some Drag-Strip applications. The Pro-Street intruder is a moderately priced torque converter for the Performance Minded Street Enthusiast.

Igniter S/S
Igniter S/S is an affordably priced HIGH PERFORMANCE stall converter of 9" design with an expected stall speed of 4200-5500 RPM, or a 10" design with an expected stall speed of 2800-3500 RPM for racing applications. These units are available with thrust bearings in all locations and furnace brazed or with thrust washers if you desire.
Diode Stators and Balloon Plates available on most units.
Use the following information as a Guide only.
When in doubt, e-mail or call us.

Stall Speed: The stall speed of a converter is usually determined in a particular vehicle. Place the vehicle in a forward gear, apply the brakes, and depress the throttle until the engine can no longer increase RPM.
CAUTION - The test should last only 5 to 10 seconds! Overheating can occur very fast!
If the wheels spin, the test is invalid.
The RPM developed by the engine is considered to be approximately 80% of the actual stall of the torque converter, in this application. The difference in a small block, big blocks, cams, fuel system, weight of vehicle will all effect the actual stall speed.

1) Converter stall speed above 2800 RPM is not recommended for street use. Excessive RPM for take-off and overheating will occur in normal driving conditions.

2) For acceptable performance, axle ratios should be 3:42 to 1 or greater. Ratios in the high 2's and low 3's do not perform as desired with converters with stall speeds of 2000 RPM or greater.

3) Stall converters of 3000 RPM or greater are not recommended for use with engines with "advertised" cam duration of less than 292.

4) Vehicles equipped with transmission brakes, nitrous, blowers, and turbo-chargers require converters equipped with special features. Call or e-mail us.

Available converters are listed under each transmissions parts section!

For AOD converters go to the Ford transmission parts section, then click on AOD Performance converters.

GM 350 converters are listed in the General Motors transmission parts section.

Conditional Limited Warranty
Dacco Performance Plus converters

1. All Dacco Performance Plus torque converters must be returned freight prepaid with a copy of the original invoice. All warranties will begin with the date of sale. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Performance Plus torque converters will be warrantied to the original customer within the first thirty (30) days free of charge if the returned unit is determined to be defective.

3. After thirty (30) days and up to 90 days all Performance Plus torque converters, with the exception of 8" & 9" units, will be warrantied for a minimum handling charge of $25.00. After ninety (90) days the unit may be returned to be "refurbished" by Dacco at the current rebuilding charge for the type of unit.

4. Due to the normal and intended use, 8" & 9" torque converters will be warranted for thirty (30) days free of charge. After thirty (30) days, the unit may be returned to be "refurbished" by Dacco at the current rebuilding charge for the type of unit.

5. The Performance Plus warranty does NOT include exchange or refund of the purchase price due to the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Abuse, alteration, lack of adequate cooling, or improper installation will VOID all warranties. The minimum auxiliary cooler recommended to be used with torque converters with rated stall speeds above 2000 RPM is 20,000 GVW.

Conditional Limited Warranty
Regular rebuilt Dacco Torque converters

We warrant all regular rebuilt Dacco Torque converters for 90 days against defects in materials and workmanship. Dacco's sole obligation is to repair or replace, at it's option, the defective product at no charge to the customer.
Suspected defective converters must be sent in for warranty inspection, and will be visually inspected and/or cut open to be inspected internally. Dacco will only warranty a converter is it is defective due to defects in material or workmanship. No warranty will be considered for: improper installation, contamination, accident, misuse, overheating, hub damage or other problems not caused by a defect in materials or workmanship of the product.
Makco Distributing, Inc.'s obligation, and Dacco Incorporated obligation under this warranty is limited to providing a replacement for any part of such clutch product that fails within the terms of Dacco limited warranty. Makco Distributing, Inc and Dacco Incorporated, will not be responsible for the cost of labor related to the installation of the replacement part. Makco Distributing, Inc. and Dacco Incorporated shall not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages and its liability shall be limited to the amount paid for the product.

Click here for instructions on obtaining a warranty inspection on a Dacco Converter.

Home page ... Parts index

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