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Automatic Transmission Parts
   Transmission Lookup
   Aisin Warner
   Chevrolet, GMC, Geo
   Honda - Acura
     F4A-EL (1 Pan) Escort
     FN4A-EL (4F27E)
     G4A-EL (2 Pan) Probe
     JF506E, JA5A-EL, 09A
    FNR5 (FS5A-EL)
       Transmission Rebuild kits
       Gaskets & O rings
       Metal Clad Seals
       Solenoids & Electrical
       Thrust Washers & Bearings
       Clutch Plates
       Pistons & Servos
       Valve Body Kits
       Pumps & parts
     RC4A-EL, JR405E
   Mitsubishi - Hyundai
   Volkswagon - Audi
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5 speed transmission
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FS5A-EL / FNR5 Transmission breakdown illustration

Automatic Transmission Parts

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Transmission Rebuild kits Image Price    
48006EA Master Kit , FNR5 06-UP (W/O BONDED PISTONS)
FNR5 (FS5A-EL) (w/o Pistons)
  $ 261.13  
48006E Master Kit , FNR5 06-UP (w/bonded pistons)
FNR5 (FS5A-EL) (w/ Pistons)
  $ 490.31  
48004EA Banner kit, FNR5 06-UP
  $ 224.52  
48004E Banner kit, FNR5 06-UP (w/bonded pistons)
FNR5 (FS5A-EL) (w/bonded pistons)
  $ 446.28  
48002EA Overhaul kit, FNR5, FS5A-EL 06-UP W/O Pistons
w/ Rings & Seals, FNR5 (FS5A-EL) (w/o Pistons)
  $ 145.61  
Bands Image Price    
B48022A Band 4F27E 2-4 FORD / MAZDA
Band, Intermediate (Overdrive)
New band, BorgWarner … 1999-UP
$ 14.45  
Bushings Image Price    
48034 Bushing, Pump Body - BRONZE 99-UP

  $ 30.5  
48037 Bushing, Pump Cover, 4F27E 99- UP (2 REQ)
Order 2 or as required
  $ 8.92  
Gaskets & O rings Image Price    
48300F Pan Gasket: 4F27E / FN4A-EL 1999-UP
Updated Fiber gasket
$ 4.93  
97311 O-Ring, A340 Pump to case
FNR5 (FS5A-EL) O-Ring, Pump to Case
$ 4.96  
Filters Image Price    
48010E FILTER, FNR5 06-UP

$ 10.69  
Metal Clad Seals Image Price    
48070 Seal, Front pump, FN4A-EL / 4F27E

$ 8.11  
42076A Seal, Axle, KM series 1979-UP, MAZDA 4F27E 1999-UP
Order 2 per car, also G4A-EL / F4A-EL
Seal, Axle (Both Sides) (LJ4A-EL 1995-2002)
$ 2.89  
Washers Image Price    
48211 Washer, Front Pump 4F27E 99-UP
FNR5 pump washer
  $ 13.15  
Solenoids & Electrical Image Price    
48446 Wiring harness, 4F27E / FN4A-EL 1999-UP
FORD FOCUS / MAZDA PROTÉGÉ (J39A) …. Common brands -OE mfg
  $ 63.97  
48421A Solenoid, 4F27E / FN4A-EL, for # A & # B
Order 2 solenoids, 1999-UP, (J39A) Shift Control (On / Off)
4F27E (A, B) (Shift Control On/Off) (99-Up), FNR5 (SSD, SSE) (06-Up)
Old # 48420A
$ 24.69  
48421 Solenoid, C, D, E (Shift Control PWM) (99-Up) & FNR5 SSPCA, SSPCB, SSPCC & PCB (06-Up)
1999-UP (J39A), Order 3 per unit
Old # D48420
$ 147.46  
48431 Solenoid, 4F27E / FN4A-EL, EPC,
1999-UP, (J39A) EPC …. various common brands
$ 112.35  
Thrust Washers & Bearings Image Price    
48211 Washer, Front Pump 4F27E 99-UP
FNR5 pump washer
  $ 13.15  
Clutch Plates Image Price    
J48102 Friction, FNR5 Reduction Direct 06-UP

  $ 4.69  
J48106 Friction, 4F27E Direct (One Sided Internal Teeth)

  $ 4.9  
J48108A Friction, 4F27E FWD/DIR 99-UP
FNR5 Friction, Forward
  $ 3.35  
J48110A Friction, 4F27E Reverse 99-UP
FNR5 Friction Reverse
  $ 4.08  
J48114A Friction, 4F27E Low/ Reverse 99-UP
FNR5 Friction, Low/ Reverse
  $ 4.16  
J48118 Friction, FNR5 Reduction Brake 06-UP

  $ 4.95  
J48126 Friction, 4F27E Direct (One Sided External Teeth)

  $ 4.85  
48128A Steel, 4F27E Forward 99-UP
FNR5 Reduction Direct & Forward
  $ 2.76  
48130A Steel, 4F27E Reverse 1999-UP
FNR5 Steel Plate, Reverse
  $ 3.18  
48134A Steel, 4F27E Low/ Reverse 1999-UP
FNR5 Steel Plate, Low/ Reverse
  $ 3.45  
48138 Steel, FNR5 Reduction Brake 06-UP

  $ 4.9  
Pistons & Servos Image Price    
A48961 Piston, Reduction Direct Clutch (Bonded)

  $ 38.06  
A48968 Piston, Reduction Brake Clutch (Bonded)

  $ 30.6  
48964B Piston, Forward Clutch , 4F27E 99-UP
Piston, Forward Clutch (Bonded)
FNR5 (FS5A-EL) 2006-up
  $ 20.89  
48965A Piston, Direct Clutch , 4F27E 99-UP
FNR5 (FS5A-EL) 2006-up
  $ 13.98  
48966A Piston, Reverse Clutch, 4F27E MAZDA BONDED 99-UP,
FNR5 (FS5A-EL) 2006-up
  $ 37.84  
48967A Piston, Low/ Reverse Clutch, 4F27E 99-UP
Piston, Low/ Reverse Clutch (Bonded) FNR5 (FS5A-EL) 2006-up
  $ 22.87  
A48981 Retainer, Reduction Direct Clutch Balance (Bonded)

  $ 38.06  
A48902 Servo piston, 4F27E, 2-4 Servo
1999-UP, Bonded rubber, FORD & MAZDA
$ 13.64  
Sprags Image Price    
A48654A Sprag, Low 4F27E/FNR5, 99-UP 20 Elements

$ 41.2  
Valve Body Kits Image Price    
S48165 Shift correction package, K4F27E
This valve body kit deals with these problems: * Soft shifts and flairs * Premature band failure * Code P0741 (T.C.C. slippage) * Broken solenoid P.R. valve spring * Worn or damaged accumulator bores * Accumulator Buddy "Tool" Included * Newly designed accumulator pistons included The upadated Multi-Unit kit now covers the five-speed Ford FNR5 and Mazda FS5A-EL transmissions. The 4F27E kit includes Superior's patent pending billet 1-2 and neutral/ drive dual sealing ring accumulator pistons. This kit also contains one of our patent pending Accumulator Buddy brushes so no other tools or fixtures are required. The pistons and brush allow you to reuse previously discarded cases that would not have sealed due to premature ware. The 4F27E kit also includes a new, stronger solenoid pressure regulator valve spring to replace the frequently broken stock spring. Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number K4F27E
$ 63.07  
S48741PK Pressure Regulator Valve O.S. FORD 4F2 7E & MAZDA FN4A-EL
Requires tool # T-F-46892-TL & T-VB-FIX to install (Sonnax)
  $ 67.13  
T-BB100A Accumulator Buddy Kit / Bore B rushes

$ 65.95  
T-BB100 Tool, Bench buddy kit
Superior Bench Buddy (Superior BB100 )
Problem Solver
Impregnated with a special super fine abrasive, Bench Buddy brushes easily remove small burrs and polish the inside of a valve bore with virtually no enlargement of the bore diameter itself. Each Bench Buddy kit features 4 different sized brushes. * Improves the surface finish of a bore by up to 50% * Restore smooth valve operation in seconds * Services bores from 1/4 to 1
$ 54.52  

Pumps do not include seals, gaskets or o'ring

Pumps & parts Image Price    
R48500B Pump (rebuilt) , FNR5, 05-UP
O-Ring type body 0.610" Thick Gears
  $ 219.25  

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